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Her Mad Hatter - Marie Hall I really enjoyed this. It was a quick enough read that it didn't require a massive time commitment on my part. I was able to relax for an afternoon and finish it in one sitting.

I really liked the idea behind this book (series) and was hopeful that Hall would do it justice. I like re-imagined fairy tale stories and was a huge fan of Anne Rice redoing sleeping beauty. So it was awesome to discover this series.

This is, for me, squarely in the romance category. It was a sweet story with a lot of fun moments. I wasn't looking for a massively developed story arc or huge back-stories on the characters. I knew, going in, that is was a shorter read and didn't expect too much. I was surprised though at how much development there was in a shorter tale. And, Hall's writing style is comfortable to read.

Hatter was awesome. I loved the way he and Wonderland were linked together. And the chaotic nature of his mind. I enjoyed following Hatter and Alice as he wound them through Wonderland. Others have said they fell in love too quickly, and that is true to an extent. But the whole point of fairy tales is a suspension of disbelief. You just gotta commit to the idea that magic and love at first sight is real.

On to the next in the series!