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Divergent - Veronica Roth I really liked this book. As a start to a trilogy it was still fast-paced and had plenty of progress for the characters. The author did a really good job of letting you meet and get to know the characters over the course of the book rather than introducing each character and explaining their personality all at once.

I especially liked that (so far at least) there is no love-triangle. It seems to me that most books in the YA category have a love-triangle mixed in somewhere. Honestly, it kind of feels like a cop-out. Its like the authors realize that the world/society they build doesn't have enough drama in it so they throw a love-triangle into the mix to spice things up rather than improving the world building or plot line. Some love-triangles are really well done and work out nicely for the plot and characters. Some of them actually serve a purpose. But most of the time they feel like distractions. I am so happy that this author chose not to go that route and built a strong enough story that it stands alone without a cliche plot device.

Definitely looking forward to the next in the series.