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The Edinburgh Dead - Brian Ruckley I am a little confused by this book. I did like it, and maintained my interest, but it didn't seem to really ever get going. I would give this 2.5* if it was an option because I did stay interested.

I am not entirely sure where this went wrong for me though. Throughout reading I went from a 3* to a 2* and back again. I liked the main character. He had a lot of complexity, I thought, but the other characters really failed to grab me. Blegg was ok for me. I was curious about him but the character wasn't really a focus of the book.

Maybe the ending is what moved this squarely to the 2* rating. I didn't care for the ending at all. There was a conclusion to much of the plot, with the Ruthven's and some other characters. But the main part of the plot that kept me reading was wrapped up almost lazily. There were no real answers or explanations about the most interesting part which left me feeling ripped off. I am under the impression that this is a stand-alone work, not part of a series, so I anticipated getting an answer eventually. Looking back, the whole thing just seemed lackluster and bland. A great ending, maybe, could have saved this but without it there is just nothing memorable about this.