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The Third Secret - Steve Berry I am not sure how to describe this book. There were slow moving times as well as quick, page-turning events. The pace increased toward the end.

The novel has an interesting concept. The Vatican archives are a wealth of information available to a select few and may well contain information that would drastically change our understanding of history, so I appreciated the usage in the book.

I had difficulty really falling into this book. Much of the plot seems to require a bit of faith to get behind. If you don't believe in God or Marian apparitions then the plot may be a little difficult to buy. Unlike the Da Vinci Code which dealt with something a bit more logical, in my opinion, this story revolved around something that could only be true for the faithful,

I did like the historical information and the details about Vatican life. Even for a non-believer that lifestyle is interesting to me. I liked the writing style as well. The author is descriptive without being overbearing and, even though I had trouble getting into the plot, created a story with well developed characters that kept me interested enough to finish.