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Feast or Famine

I find myself with an ever growing reading list...with tons of books I really want to read.  And then.....not reading anything for weeks or longer.  Then, just as suddenly as I stopped, I am reading voraciously. 


I have a terrible habit of reading myself to exhaustion.  Going through so many books, so quickly, that I simply cannot read another without an extended break.  I go from reading constantly to not reading at all.....I won't even have a "current" book that I slowly work through....just nothing.


Meanwhile, as I am not reading anything, I will be adding new books to my to-read shelf.  It's almost as if I would rather read the blurbs and maintain the promise of an exciting read than actually read the book. 


It's a strange habit that I a trying to break actually.  I would much rather be reading books at a slower pace than not at all.  I sometimes find myself in a book hangover which I am OK with.  Sometimes you just need a minute before you can move on.  But the longer stretches of time without an active read just seem to be wasteful of me.


Just my random thought of the day!