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The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa

I was very pleased with this.  I didn't think the overall direction of the book was that new (following a character as they turned, etc.) but I think the execution was well done.


I loved the world building though.  I liked the whole idea of vampire cities ruled by vampire princes and humans being caught in the middle of it all.  It was interesting to see how Kagawa built a world with vampires as the ruling class and how she managed the interactions between humans and vampire.


I liked Allie quite a bit.  I understood her and her actions, even though some were harsh.  I thought she was a well written character that was easy to follow through the journey.  


I was a little peeved with Zeke though.  He was far too perfect for the world that Kagawa built.  No one, and I mean no one, gets to be 17 in that environment and is that precious.  It just doesn't happen.  They either become hardened/jaded/etc or they die.  That character, though integral to the plot, was a bit of a bummer for me.  And the interactions between Zeke and Allie seemed a bit forced.


However, this book was saved and gets a full 4 stars for the other great characters.  Jackal was a fun villain and I am hoping the series continues with that.  Kanin was a great tutor to Allie but I am more interested in his history and exploring that path farther.  Luckily that seems to be where we are heading for the rest of the series.