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I have seen many posts, all with great suggestions, to make this a stronger community.  I appreciate that BookLikes is willing to hear our thoughts on the site and attempt to make those changes.  It is actually pretty unique to see real changes to a site brought on my the users.


So here is my hope:


I would like to see a better platform for book recommendations.  I tend to go back to GR's when I am browsing for new books to shelve and would much prefer the ability to do that here on BL.  


Specifically, I would love to see an easily accessible link to a series page.  This way I can review all of the entries in a series and track my progress through those entries.  Right now there is a limited ability to see all the books within a given series which means that I could easily lose track of where I am, what book is next, or if there is even another book coming.  


Also, I would really love to see a small recommended section on the individual book pages that highlight similar titles.  That way, if I absolutely love a book and want to find something similar, I can just go to that book page and see what other BL users have read in that category.


Having no experience with website design or really being all that tech savvy I have no idea what it would take to develop a system like this.  I just figure, since we are all ultimately here because of the books, there should be a better system of finding new titles linked to previous reads.


Just my two cents.