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In Cold Blood - Truman Capote I am not sure what I was expecting. I didn't know anything about the case or, besides hearing the name, the author.

I was surprised at the leisurely pace throughout the book. It seemed slow going at times and the detail could be slightly overwhelming. However, I see the reason for it. The only way to properly know the story and the people was to dive into all of the information available.

I ended up feeling ambivalent about Perry. He seemed to have the more sympathetic background while Dick was just an ass in my mind. Perry was the primary perpetrator but he was also the one that you wanted to understand. Dick seemed, almost, like a side note with less complexity and depth. With the level of detail Capote put into this book I am inclined to believe that was the true personality of these people. One, confused and unsure of his path. The dreamer that isn't sure what he is dreaming. And the other, cruel and calculating. Always looking for the next score. One you can sympathize with and the other you can't.