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The Black Prism - Brent Weeks This was a fun book to read. I was surprised, honestly, at how fast I got through it. I had thought that the size would take a but more time, but I was unable to tear myself away once I got going.

The Prism is a complex character with flaws that I really appreciated. There were a few moments throughout the book that really catapulted the character development forward and many surprises that kept him from becoming boring. The snippets of back story that are sprinkled throughout the book also add depth without overwhelming the reader with the characters history.

Karris was a great character. She was a strong and powerful woman, not the typical damsel in distress that needs the big, strong man to save her. I appreciated that she was able to be feminine while still being a force to be reckoned with.

Kip was awesome. This is a kid that everyone can feel for. He is a strong character that you find yourself rooting for nearly immediately. General Danavis, Liv, Ironfist, and the White were interesting characters that added to the story. I do wish that some of them had been featured a but more but I also understand the reason why they were not. I am hopeful that as the series continues these characters will be developed further.

I think the author did a solid job of building a world that was unique while still being easy to fall into. Some fantasy/sci-fi authors create such complex and overwhelming worlds that it is hard to get into the plot while learning about the world, terminology, and the unique aspects. Weeks introduced the world at a slow enough pace to allow the reader to dive in without losing the details.