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Song of Scarabaeus - Sara Creasy I thought this was a solid novel. I liked the plot line and the characters. I thought that Edie was sympathetic and understandable. The things she went through, though in the sci-fi context, were comparable to life experiences people reading this may have. The character of Finn was interesting and kept my attention.

I did like the world building and specific aspects of the plot focused on the sci-fi. The issue of transforming, though not possible today as it is explored here, is worth considering. As is the insistence of humanity to change everything to perfectly suit our own needs while, frequently, disregarding the needs of other species and habitats. This novel took the concept to the extreme with the BRAT technology capable of changing entire worlds and ecosystems based on the desires of humanity and put the issue into focus.

I especially liked the exploration of the rules that were established to protect advanced worlds and how easily those rules were tossed aside by humanity. That struck me as a realistic portrayal of how corporations and people would behave under the circumstances. I do wish there was a bit more detail on the caste system and other rules pertaining to the characters, and a bit more exploration of the history of the characters. However, I could see why the author chose not to focus on those aspects.

I really enjoyed this book and was able to read it without finding myself bored or annoyed with characters or the plot.