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Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn No, No, No.

I do not understand why so many people love this book. Are we reading the same thing?

Nothing about this book is enjoyable. I don't see the point in reading a book if it is not an enjoyable experience. I don't have to like all the characters but I need something that makes the act of reading fun and not a chore. Every second of reading this was a chore.

Neither of the main characters are sympathetic, and the side characters are just flat, boring, and totally predictable. Mostly Amy and Nick are both vile and disturbing and perfect for each other. But I have no need to know about them. A book should tell a story worth reading and investing in. This fails miserably. These characters didn't need to be known, they added nothing to the world. And the plot went from boring to totally unrealistic and, frankly, stupid. The twist was unremarkable and certainly didn't redeem this monstrosity.