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The Dark City - Relic Master Series

The Dark City #1 (Relic Master) - Catherine Fisher

Started 4/08/2015

Finished 4/09/2015


I don't really know where to start with this one.  I never got absorbed into it.  Never fell through the rabbit hole and lived in the world.  


The writing was acceptable.  Nothing was overly flowery or burdensome.  The pacing was good.  Really there wasn't anything overtly wrong with this that makes me not really care for it.  I just don't.


I never invested in the characters.  Raffi and Galen were just boring for me.  Carys was moderately more interesting but had no real depth.  The Sekoi were interesting for me but were a very small part of the book......certainly not enough to make it worthwhile.

The story itself.....not much to it actually.  Sure a lot happens.  The characters move about, have their adventures, reach the conclusion, etc. etc.  But nothing really happens. Even though the "twist" that is coming in future books wasn't revealed I feel like I already know where this is going and it doesn't really interest me. 


The Watch is a murky bad guy group for me.  There are very few details about them to really sink your teeth into.  And what is given is lacking in any real clarity as to what is going on.  It is unclear why the Watch hates the Order, unclear what is really going on, unclear what the characters motives are.  Really.....this whole thing is a mess if chaos with no real conclusion.  Even for part of a series I expected some portion of the tale to come to a satisfying end....even if the main plot is left in a cliff-hanger.  It sorta did with the crow....but then it sorta didn't.


Not my cup of tea......or shot of whiskey.  I will not be continuing the series.