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Gathering Darkness - Morgan Rhodes, Michelle Rowen



I think my review is split between the first and second halves of this book.  But to start...I have enjoyed this series thus far (otherwise, why continue?) but I am sensing a pattern.. In each installment I find myself struggling through the first part of the book and then diving into the second part.  This was very similar.  It seems as though the plot meanders along for a long time (so that I am almost ready to DNF) but then picks up and keeps me going.  Perhaps this is the authors style, or just me being picky, but I find it makes me question whether to continue.


Anyhoo -


The first portion of this book dragged for me (shocking, I know!).  I had lost all connection to the various characters in between installments and it took me a while to get it all back. I was surprised to find that the characters I liked before were not the one's that drew me back in this time.  At first I was underwhelmed by Magnus and didn't much care what happened.  I was invested in Jonas and totally on his side.


Throughout this installment, though, I found that Jonas annoyed me.  He seemed to be far too weak and too much of a simpering attention-whore to really grab my attention.  I was drawn to Magnus throughout though.  I think his development was a real surprise for me here.  I wasn't expecting to like him, side with him, or even want him to live!  But by the end it was his perspective, and interactions with Cleo, that kept me interested while the plot developed.


Lucia is still not really much of anything for me.  She is a little too prototypical for my liking and doesn't really seem to have any growth or personality to her.  Maybe that will come later in the series....but I am running out of patience.  The "twist" at the end of GD for her was unsurprising really.  But we'll see how it develops later.


Cleo, well she is just ehh? for me.  Not really anything to get excited about except for her interactions with Magnus.  He is probably the only reason why I will pick up the next book in the series.


All in all though, after a few days of thought.  The plot picking up and the lovely character that was Magnus was enough to give this a solid 3 stars.  The other 1/2 star is purely for the development of Cleo/Magnus and how enjoyable their interactions were.