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The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa

I liked the follow up here to the first in the series.  It was a great continuation of the characters and their development.


I loved Jackal.  He is such a smart ass and a total pain but he provided great comic relief for the rather serious tasks the characters were dealing with.


Sarran is, quite possibly, the creepiest character I have read.  At least, creepier than any I can remember.  He is a great villain with a solid backstory that explains his actions and thoughts.


Zeke grew on my a bit more in this installment than in the first book.  But he is still a little too "good" for my liking.  


Usually the second book in a series bores me to death.  There typically isn't enough plot development to hold my interest as the author is usually setting up for some massive finale in the third book.  However, this was well done.  The book carried its own plot and allowed for character development without a ton of conversations to give us backstory.


I like where Kagawa is going with this so I will definitely be continuing the series.  


The ending here nearly made me cry too....which is pretty impressive on its own.