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Golden Son - Pierce Brown



That was the only word I could form immediately after finishing this.  I knew going in from Red Rising that this was not typical YA fare.  But after Golden Son I am not sure that this is properly categorized as YA at all.

This is dark and gritty.  It is a true exploration of the human condition and the cruelties we heap upon each other.  And it is fantastic.


Darrow continues his journey throughout warfare and finding love and meaning in a world that is not his own.  He gains a truer understanding of humanity by recognizing the subtleties within a personality and acknowledging the flaws of each person.


This is a fantastic book, but maybe not for the lighthearted crowd.  This follows closely with the themes of Red Rising and ups the holy-crap factor significantly.  The ending just blew me away and now I am desperate to continue the series.


Some reviews I have read stated that the plot got bogged down or that they had to set the book aside because of the darkness within but that was not the case for me.  This, to me, was a very accurate representation of the folly of mankind, all our weaknesses, all our petty ambitions.  


Pierce Brown is simply a master.