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Hook's Pan - Marie Hall

This was a great addition to the Kingdom series.  I love these books because they are retelling classic fairy tales in a fun way.  Rather than just retelling the story we know the perspective is changed and the focus is on the bad boys.  It is new enough for a romance to focus on the male lead but to also be wrapped around notorious villains is just awesome-sauce.


As with the previous entries in the series this was a light, quick read.  Perfect for a summer afternoon poolside.  However, this was especially fun for me because of how the Peter Pan character was written.  He has never been one of my favorites, always felt like a spoiled brat that needed a good ass whooping to me.  And this played right into my dislike of Pan while building a solidly cool Hook.


This is the end of the Bad Five but Marie Hall has continued on with the series to include other villains.  I am looking forward to the next one!