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The Sin Eater’s Daughter - Melinda Salisbury

So....I made it to page 136.  And then I gave up.


This was a really confusing read for me.  The whole time I was waiting, rather impatiently, for something.....anything to actually happen.  And nothing did.


There were a few amusing moments but as a whole the book feels starved.  The characters are bland and flat.  There is no real connection between anyone.  I am supposed to feel like Twylla cares about Dorin, is developing feelings for Lief, etc. and yet none of it feels real.


The plot....well I still haven't been able to find one.  There is no coherent story here.  Just a girl, stuck in her room, with no real friends, and a terrible job.  Take away the very thin mythology of the world and you have a typical outcast girl in high school.  Just not an interesting read for me.


Twylla's voice especially is just boring.  She is empty....with no real soul or purpose.  At this point...I am roughly half way through and still don't care about anything that is going on.  None of the characters interest me.  


Moving on!