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Ink and Bone: The Great Library - Rachel Caine

For some reason...this took awhile for me to get into.  It  has everything I love though: intrigue, strong characters, a superb plot, and no love triangle.  So...once I got through a bit of it this quickly took off for me.


I loved all the characters.  That is actually kind of amazing.  Even in great books there is usually one or two characters that annoy me or behave in a way that doesn't make sense.  But not here.  The characters...from Wolfe and Santi to the Postulants were well thought out and had their own unique arc that made them interesting.


I especially loved the world this was set in.  A book about books in a world run by a Library...how much better could it get!  The idea was well done and very absorbing.  I have always loved the history of the Library at Alexandria and having that alternate world where it wasn't destroyed was fabulous.  


I am definitely continuing the series and hopeful that it will only get better from here.  This was a great book on its own but it also brilliantly setup the series to get even better.  I held back half a star, honestly, just to be miserly.  But if the series continues on like this one I may have to bump that up a notch!